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Do not put off repairing your roof from Hail and Wind damage.

Hail and Wind Damage

Hail Damaged RoofsWind Damage
Examples of Wind Damage

In Middle Georgia we are likely to experience strong thunderstorms that often produce hail and strong winds. Hail can cause moderate to extremely severe damage to siding, windows, gutters and roofs.

Here are some tips about what to look for if you suspect hail damage to your home.

Misconceptions about Hail Damage

  • I do not see any missing shingles on my roof and there is no leaking, so there must not be any damage.
  • My roof is fairly new and it is covered by a warranty, so I do not need to call my insurance company about the damage.
  • I can not see damage on my roof, so it is probably not warranted the effort to call a contractor or my insurance company.
  • I am worried if I call my insurance company that my premiums may go up if I file a claim.

Does our home have
hail damage?

As noted above, hail damage is not always immediately obvious. If you have experienced hail in your area you should request an inspection from a professional roofer even after a mild storm. We offer FREE inspections and give detailed estimates. It is better to be safe then sorry. Your roof may look fine now, but if there is damage it can cause leaks and water damage weeks, months and even years from now!


Damaged caused by
hail storms.

Colored granules are the top layers of asphalt and composition shingles. The granules are used for decorative purposes and gives roofs different shades of colors, in addition to protecting the asphalt from the sun. Unprotected asphalt, after long periods of sun exposure, can soften, dry up and crack, allowing rain to penetrate underneath the shingles.

Do you have hail damage to your roof? Request a free roof inspection from Turco Roofing

Hail and Wind Damage Inspection

If you have experienced a hail storm, contact Turco Roofing, the professional storm damage experts, and let us give you a free inspection followed up with a detailed estimate on the cost to repair your roof. But first, as soon as the storm is over and it is safe to walk outside, you should grab a pen and some paper to make notes on. Make your notes as detailed as possible and do not forget to log the date and time. Your insurance company may cover more then just your roof repair, it is possible that your siding, windows, gutters and interior structures may be covered.

  • Did you lose power and have to throw away food from your refrigerator or freezer?
  • Do you have any broken or damaged windows? Torn Screens?
  • Gutters - are they broken, dimpled, and/or split apart at the seams?
  • Siding - is it torn, dimpled, or hanging loose?
  • Is your Garage Door dimpled?
  • If you have Skylights do they appear to be damaged, broken, or leaking?
  • Are your exterior lighting fixtures damaged?
  • What is the condition of your furniture and fixtures on your porches, decks, or patios?
  • If you have a swimming pool, a swingset, or a fence be sure to document any damage to those as well.
  • Do you see damage on your HVAC unit? Hail that is blown sideways in high winds can damage A/C condensing units.

You pay your insurance premiums, you are entitled to file a claim
when damage is incurred.